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Few words about moving companies and moving services

What do you know about moving companies?

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Have you ever changed the place of living? If yes, you know how much stress the moving process cause and how many moving scam on market right now. Prepare all belongings, find a suitable packaging, find and compare all possible routings, carry heavy boxes etc.- sounds terrible, right?

More about moving scam you can read on Wikipedia

What if there is a better and easier way to arrange relocation? For example, from Los Angeles to any preferred location in the USA or even the world. Imagine: you can simply make a few calls, fill some documents in and your boxes will wait for you at the final destination. Maybe it sounds unbelievable. Sometimes you can see the van, but you do not know anything about the process of moving.

The purpose of the article is to explain what exactly is included in the term “moving services” and discuss on the relevance of moving services in the USA.

What is Hidden Behind the Term “Moving Services”?

It may happen that you decided to move to another place or use transportation services. There are several reasons:

  1. The change of an apartment
  2. Moving of a company (office) to another location
  3. Buying a new home
  4. Moving to or from abroad
  5. Help with transporting furniture

Moving and transportation services always take a lot of resources: time; and both physical and moral, if you deal with everything by yourself. You need to find / organize friends / colleagues who are ready to assist. Everything needs to be packed (before you do this- you need to think about where to buy packaging, how to deliver it to home, how much to buy). Furthermore, you need to think about how to transport large things and where they can fit. Or, for example, how to quickly and effectively change the location of the office, so that even workers will not notice anything. This is where a moving company joins the game.

What is the moving company keen on? In a few words, they help a client with relocation. The main advantage of the moving company is not the price, but the speed of delivery and the level of service. Therefore, those two main advantages of the service can be considered as the guide for everyone who applies for this type of service. Moving companies are providing services for different sizes, weight and specificity. Let’s take a deeper look into some most popular moving services:

  1. The change of apartments, moving within the country or abroad. The most demanding service in moving companies. There are various reasons why people decided to relocate. To be able to move forward easily, moving companies strongly recommend clients to contact specialists from the area. Specialists have the necessary experience, training, necessary lifting equipment and cars with different capacity.
  2. Relocation of companies and commercial premises. Most companies rent different storage and office spaces for their work. Sometimes, for some reason, the company needs to move out of the rented place. The decision to move may be made for many reasons: change the place to a larger and more convenient; or vice versa for a smaller one; with more suitable geolocation. A well-organized, fast and smooth relocation is an advantage for the company. In that case, the company can focus on the business and continue its activities, immediately after the relocation. Fast and efficient relocation can be organized only by specialists, who know how to pack, disassemble and assemble furniture, transport large-sized dimensional furniture and work with weights.
  3. Furniture transportation. Furniture replacement is always an interesting and creative process. When buying new furniture, household items, household appliances, we are dealing with the question: how to transport it all to home, including lifting everything directly to the apartment. Modern furniture stores provide furniture delivery to your home directly to the door (if offered), without lifting. The moving company can offer transportation and lift directly to the apartment.

From the explanations above, it is clearly seen that the client will benefit from using moving companies. However, to take the most from the service – the client needs to analyze:

  1. How common is the usage of the service
  2. Who are leaders on the market
  3. What options, prices and conditions are offered by companies

Obviously, we can consider moving services to be more or less the same as “transportation”. In the global economy, transport has a special role to play. Moreover, transportation has an influence on the efficiency, quality and development of the economic relations of any country.

how to hire moving company

The Relevance of Moving Services in the USA

Nowadays, it is complicated to imagine life without using different services which are provided by moving companies. If we will think about the processes in general, then almost the entire population, even indirectly, takes part in the delivery of a variety of services. It can be relocation, delivery of the furniture, and appliances, and products, etc.

The moving industry is growing rapidly in almost all countries including the USA. This is due to the optimal cost and high quality of the implementation of services. So, the relevance of moving companies is reasonable. For example, it is possible to arrange relocation from LA to California in the limited time. Most of the companies have prepared solutions with a fixed cost or they can offer services with a flexible price that depends on the complexity of the task.

To understand the relevance of the industry on the US market, let’s see some main statistics:

  1. The industry involves 7,000 enterprises functioning at 13,900 locations mainly offering moving and storage services for private and office goods.
  2. The number of relocations inside the country is around 3 million per year.
  3. The moving services are mainly used by individuals (44%), companies (38%), military (16%) and the government (2%).
  4. The average statistics shows that the number of Americans who are using moving services is around 35.1 million per year

From the numbers above, the reader of this article can clearly see the relevance of the industry. It may happen that you have never ever used those services before. However, it is never too late to start, right?