Does Very.Co.Uk Ship to Ireland?

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boxes delivered outside the house doorHave you ever thought about whether you can get products shipped from Very.Co.Uk USA to Ireland?

The quick answer to this question is it depends.

Not all items from Very.Co.Uk can be shipped straight to Ireland.

While it is annoying that Very.Co.Uk USA doesn’t ship directly to Ireland, there is a solution. This solution allows you to order from Very.Co.Uk and receive them in Ireland, all for a low price.

How to Get Items from Very.Co.Uk USA Delivered to Ireland

No matter how you look at it, to order anything from the Very.Co.Uk USA, you’ll need a physical US address.

You’ll use this US address to receive items from Very.Co.Uk.

You may now be wondering how you can get a physical US address if you don’t live there.

How MyUS works with purchases from U.S. retailers

Did you know that there are lots of US-based companies that will provide you with a physical US address and help you with shipping internationally? These companies are known as Freight Forwarders.

Once you join a Freight Forwarding service, they’ll send you a US address that can be used during the checkout process with any US-based retailer. is our favorite Freight Forwarder as they ship to all cities in Ireland, like:

Leinster, Munster, Connaught, Ulster.

Why’s our favorite? We love them because they never let you down; they offer low rates and do not charge extra taxes or fees.

We have worked with for quite a while, and they’ve always been reliable.

You can now use the US physical address provided by MyUS when ordering from Very.Co.Uk and have it shipped to you.

They’ll get your shipment to their warehouse, where they can combine several individual orders into one large order. MyUS will then send it to you in Ireland.

Now you can order from US-based online stores directly as if you were having them delivered to you overseas.